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Radio Talk Show Based in Atlanta, Georgia

Hear inspiring messages from Priscilla and her listeners by listing to her radio talk show. The podcast is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and available nationwide. Contact Priscilla to receive more details today.

Internet Radio Show

Empowering YOU Prophetic Ministries' live Internet radio show is a Christian-based program that provides you with spiritual motivation, empowering you to discover what God's plan is for you and take steps toward following it.

Empowering Listeners

During the half an hour of the show, Priscilla speaks with new believers, people walking in the light, and those struggling with their faith. She provides motivation through prayer and the Word of God, letting each person know that they are important to Him and capable of contributing to His kingdom.

Your Relationship with God

It is her goal to show you that your relationship with Christ isn't complicated: it is about love, trust, and understanding, all of which God will provide when you walk with Him.

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Call or email Priscilla to learn more about her radio talk show today.